With an innovative Voxeljet industrial 3D printer, the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen is now able to expand its services to include the newest printing technologies. The particle printer used in this process is the largest of its kind in use worldwide and prints objects with an extremely precise surface of bonded plastic powder (PMMA) without supports in the layer-by-layer build-up method. This enables the Kunstgiesserei to produce both large-format objects as well as small, form-exact individual components at attractive prices.

By means of different infiltration processes, the printed object is given various material properties and possible applications: when infiltrated with wax, printed models often serve as the starting point for castings in aluminum, bronze, or cast iron realized in the direct burn-out process. 3D-printed, individual components can be assembled into one piece and cast in metal in the lost wax process.

Infiltration with various, possibly also colored synthetic resins, in contrast, gives the printed object long-term durability and can be used ideally for architecture models, among other applications. A thin wall thickness of up to 0.8 mm is also possible in this connection. The addition of various synthetic resins, shellac, or mineral pigments facilitates great flexibility in designing the appearance of the surface.

We have been combining the most modern 3D technology with our knowhow in classic casting processes, new process engineering, and the most diverse surface finishes for many years. In cooperation with the client, we develop individual solutions for each request in order to produce high-quality products. 

Technical data for the printer

· construction space: 1000 × 600 × 500 mm

· large formats can be assembled by gluing or plugging

· material: PMMA

· layer structure per layer 0,15 mm

· resolution of up to 600 dpi

· support-free process makes it possible to print forms with very complex geometries and undercuts 

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For the stereolithography and laser sintering processes, the Kunstgiesserei regularly works with regional and supra-regional partners.