Felix Lehner established the Kunstgiesserei in Beinwil am See (Aargau, Switzerland) in 1983. In 1994, followed the move to the larger work halls in the Sittertal in St.Gallen, where the Kunstgiesserei has since then steadily expanded and become equipped with an outstanding infrastructure. In 2006, the Kunstgiesserei became an incorporated company.

The Kunstgiesserei has a staff of forty to fifty employees from various professional fields and trains two apprentices on an ongoing basis. Thanks to the broad range of expertise possessed by its employees, the Kunstgiesserei achieves optimal results in a broad spectrum of craftsmanship and technical fields.

The Kunstgiesserei’s broad field of work in the Sittertal also includes non-commercial activities: the establishment of a dynamic exhibition presence for the sculptor Hans Josephsohn in the Kesselhaus, the creation of a library on contemporary art and the study of design, construction, and materials, as well as an extensive collection of materials and substances. These initiatives of the Kunstgiesserei were bundled together in the Sitterwerk Foundation in 2006.