Felix Lehner - Founder and Managing Director

After an apprenticeship as a bookseller, Felix Lehner dedicated himself to his interests in sculptural art and the craft of casting. He established the Kunstgiesserei in Beinwil am See in 1983, and moved with two employees to St.Gallen in 1994. Since then, he has continued steadily develop the Kunstgiesserei and managing its operations. Felix Lehner is a co-founder of the Sitterwerk Foundation, established in 2006, which supports noncommercial activities connected with the creation of and research relating to artwork.

Samuel Bischof - Staff Member for Workshops and Safety Officer

Samuel was the first trainee at the Kunstgiesserei, in 1988. He does welding work within the framework of artistic projects and develops special technical solutions. He is an expert in dealing with all machines and systems in the fields of metalwork and electrical work to crane construction. In addition, he is also the safety officer at the Kunstgiesserei. He was a member of the board of directors of the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen AG from 2006 to 2013.

Rita Kappenthuler

Rita has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since 1999. She was educated as a stonemason and trained as a civil engineering draftsperson. She is skilled in the production of silicon and plaster negatives as well as in all sculpting techniques, including casting as well as productions in wax and stone. She has been a member of the board of directors of the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen AG since 2013 and part of the operations management.

Lukas Furrer

has worked in the Kunstgiesserei since 2000 and also runs the Flury+Furrer architecture office in Zurich with a partner. As an architect, he is responsible for both the execution of exhibition structures as well as all conversion and new construction planning for the Kunstgiesserei, such as, for example, in the Art Library, the Studio House, and the Kesselhaus Josephsohn. He has also assisted the sculptor Hans Josephsohn for many years in his studio in Zurich.

Marianne Rinderknecht - Staff Member in the Archive, Documentation

Marianne studied art in Basel. She has been working in the administration of the Kunstgiesserei since 2003. Her main responsibilities include the creation of documents connected with individual artworks, taking photos, and maintaining the company archive. In addition to her own exhibition activities, she is also active in numerous art- and cultural-policy projects.

David Andermatt - Project Manager

After finishing his matura, David then successfully completed his training as a casting technologist in August 2006. He is active in all the areas of the Kunstgiesserei, both in St. Gallen and at our site in Shanghai. He has been supervising the quality management and the work processes of our partner foundry in Shanghai along with Christian Meier since 2010.

Urs Jordi

has been a member of our staff since completing his training as a stone sculptor in 2003. In addition to his own projects as a carpenter and sculptor, he works in the Kunstgiesserei above all in the area of metalworking, welding, and chasing. He develops sophisticated solutions for complex mechanical tasks, which result from experimentation, skill in craftsmanship, and broad specialized know-how. 

Tamara Cattozzo - Staff Member in the Milling Workshop

Tamara has been at the Kunstgiesserei since 2004. From her work as a builder of architectural models, she brings in detailed knowledge of synthetic materials and model building materials. She is responsible for silicon moldings and also does model building in the team at our milling center.

Sabina Schütz

has worked in the Kunstgiesserei since 2005. She works on negative forms and wax models and is our specialist for the coloring of objects. As a trained graphic designer, she is responsible for designing packaging, labeling, manuals, etc.

Till Jäckli - Operations Management

After completing his matura, Till went on to complete training as a casting technologist and art caster. He worked for some years as a project manager, also at our site in Shanghai. He is today a member of the operations management with a focus on calculations and tender processes.

Michael Koch - Staff Member in the Workshop II

is a trained stone sculptor. After attending the school for master craftsmen, he has worked in the foundry since the beginning of 2006. His field of work encompasses metalwork and chasing as a focus. His skilled handling of materials makes him an outstanding modeler. As part of the team that manages the workshop, he contributes to ensuring that the work process runs smoothly and supervises numerous projects simultaneously.

Damian Dünner

completed training as a carpenter and has worked in the most varied of areas within the foundry operations since 2006. He is a specialist for sophisticated packaging tasks and also works on diverse projects with synthetic materials and wood with great skill in craftsmanship.

Andres Mock - Workshop Foreman in the Wax Room

did his apprenticeship as an art caster at the Kunstgiesserei St. Gallen and successfully completed it in 2010. Since then, he has worked in diverse areas of the Kunstgiesserei and is, thanks to his in-depth specialist knowledge, jointly responsible for managing the wax workshop. 

Christian Meier - Project Manager Shanghai

Christian has been managing our foundry in Shanghai since November 2007 and oversees activities on site. He is himself a visual artist, has been living in China since 2006, and speaks fluent Mandarin. Christian divides his time between the foundry and his studio.

Emil Meier

first assisted for half a year in the cataloging of the Art Library in the Sitterwerk during his civil service in the winter of 2007. The educated sign writer has since then been active as a permanent employee of the Kunstgiesserei above all in the production of wax models. In this area, he has developed specific specialist knowledge, and advises the most varied of projects as a wax specialist.

Gabriel Badertscher - Project Manager

Gabriel is a trained stonemason with the Matura, and has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since 2007. After many years of experience in metalwork and chasing, he has been a production manager since 2013. He is responsible for the planning, execution, and supervision of the casting of works.

Tim Büchel – Project Manager

studied architecture in Vienna. He has been responsible for the realization of the conversions in the Kunstgiesserei since 2008. He is also active in the areas of mold building and cement casting.

Antoneta Ukaj

is a registered nurse and has been responsible for all housekeeping and home economics in the Kunstgiesserei and the operations of the Sitterwerk since 2008.

Urs Supersaxo - Staff Member in Workshop 2

Urs is a trained stone sculptor. He came to the Kunstgiesserei in 2008, following several years of independent work. He is jointly responsible for the planning and realization of non-metal castings and sculptures as well as for the installation of works.

Janis Frank - Workshop Foremanin Work Hall 2

has worked at the Kunstgiesserei since 2009. As a trained poly-mechanist, he was initially jointly responsible for CNC milling and programming. He now works today in the area of producing silicon and plaster negatives as well as on the development and production of works made of synthetic materials. 

Alex Liechti

completed training as a stone sculptor and has worked in the chasing area since 2009. He is our specialist for all kind of patinas.

Michael Wiesner - Foreman of the Casting Bay

Michael is a trained electrician and completed his study of sculpture in Antwerp (BE). He has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since 2010 and manages the casting bay.

Sascha Gruber - Art Caster

Sascha is a trained casting molder. Following his apprenticeship, he worked at an industrial foundry. He has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since March 2010.

Brenda Osterwalder - Staff Member in the Image Archive and Office Administration

Brenda completed the graphics master class in St. Gallen and then studied at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb). She has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since 2010, first in the administration, today, first and foremost in the company's image archive. Her work comprises photographic documentation as well as managing photos produced at the Kunstgiesserei.

Pawel Sowinski - Casting Technologist

Pawel studied metallurgy in Poland and worked as an art caster there. Since the end of 2010, he has been working at the Kunstgiesserei as a caster and constructing wax models and molds.

Sibylle Obrecht

trained as a stone sculptor and has worked with us in the Kunstgiesserei since the beginning of 2011. Her fields of work include above all wax model making and metalworking.

Barbara Luchsinger - Staff Member for Wax

Barbara is a trained stone sculptor and has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since the end of 2011. She is mainly responsible for wax models.

Andrea Rüeger - Foreman model building

Andrea is a trained poly-mechanic. He has been part of the team in the milling center since 2011 and is responsible for all milling machines and our 3D printer.

Nadin Keller - Forewoman Work Hall2, Painter

Nadine is a trained painter and color designer and completed a preparatory design course. After many years of experience as a painter, she has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since 2012, predominantly as a specialist in the processing of paints and synthetic materials.

Martin Gschwend

is a trained machine mechanic and has worked at the Kunstgiesserei since 2012. His main work is building wax models.

Laila Pauli

successfully finished her training in Berlin as an art caster in 2011. Prior to that, she attended the preparatory course at the Kunstgewerbeschule St. Gallen and worked, among other things, as an auto mechanic. She has been a member of the casting team of the Kunstgiesserei since 2012.

2012von Bartheld
Peter von Bartheld - Conservator

completed his studies of restoration/conservation in the Netherlands and at the Hochschule der Künste in Bern. He also designs sets for dance performance pieces. Part of the team since the beginning of 2013, he is our specialist for bronze casting restorations, old patinas, and questions relating to the conservation of art objects. 

Marc Krcek - Project Manager

Marc trained to be a SFX (special effects) make-up artist at the WDR television station in Cologne. Following diverse engagements in TV, film, and theater productions, he has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since April 2013. He is responsible for the production of non-metallic works and the creation of silicon-plaster negatives.

Caroline Habazin - Staff Member Office, Administration

Caroline is a trained bookseller and has already been wokring for the Administration of the Kunstgiesserei from 1999 - 2003. After ten years as a bookseller, she returned to her old job at the Kunstgiesserei in May, 2013. Since then she has been responsible for all office tasks as well as the telephone exchange.

Mathias Rutishauser

is a trained cabinetmaker. He completed a Berufsmatura (apprenticeship and matura) in design in St. Gallen and has begun studying art mediation at the Hochschule für Design & Kunst in Lucerne. Since the summer of 2013, his work has included cabinetmaking tasks as well as being part of the team in the wax workshop, while working on his own design works in his free time.

Bettina Gähwiler - Employee in the Office, Administration

is a trained photo lab assistant and assisted in the establishment of the Fotolabor St.Gallen AG in the Sittertal 2009, where she was responsible primarily for analogue technologies and prints until 2013. She has been part of the administration of the Kunstgiesserei since 2014 and is responsible for secretarial tasks and the telephone switchboard.

Susanne Keller - Head of the Kitchen and Catering

Susanne is a trained cook as well as a specialist in employment agogics, and has been responsible for the physical wellbeing of our employees and guests since May 2014. In collaboration with the Sitterwerk Foundation, she is also responsible for the catering for all Sitterwerk and Kunstgiesserei events.

Salvatore Scardina - Head of Finances and Administration

Following many years of work as a director of finance and accounting / IT at Same Deutz-Fahr Schweiz AG, Schwarzenbach SG, and Toshiba Europe GmbH, Volketswil ZH, Salvatore has been the head of finance and administration at the Kunstgiesserei since March 2016.

Sonja Schürpf - Casting Technology Apprentice

came to the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen, where she has been training to be a casting technologist since August 2016, after completing her Matura at the Gymnasium St.Antonius Appenzell and spending an interim year in the United States.

Valentin Lämmler - Casting Molder

After training as a casting molder (lost mold) at an industrial foundry, he worked in forming technology prior to coming to the Kunstgiesserei in 2016. His responsibilities include molding, casting, and melting.

Alexander Hochreutener - Joinery Workshop Foreman

Alexander is a trained cabinetmaker and restorer and has many years of experience as a project manager for interior construction and in designing, building, and restoring solid wood furniture. His specialist field is surface finishes for wood. He has been the foreman of the Kunstgiesserei’s joinery workshop since November 2016.

Renata Häfliger - Accounting Employee

completed classical ballet training and then trained as a retail assistant. Since November 2016, she has been responsible for the Kunstgiesserei’s accounts payable department and for the bookkeeping of the Sitterwerk Foundation.

Andrea Rinaldi - Employee in the 3D Studio

Andrea has been working in the Kunstgiesserei’s 3D studio January 2017. After completing his bachelor degree in industrial design at the Politecnico in Milan, he worked as a model-builder in Berlin and then specialized in the design and production of artworks. At the Kunstgiesserei, he is our specialist for CAD modeling, digital sculpting, and 3D scanning, and develops 3D visualizations, technical drawing plans, and digital models of various kinds.

Noël Hochuli - Employee in the 3D Studio

Noël did an apprenticeship as a painter and completed a vocational diploma in design. This was followed by the preparatory design course and bachelor degree in object design at the Hochschule Luzern Design & Kunst. Following a half-year internship with Frédéric Dedelley, he did his civil service at the Sitterwerk Foundation. He has been working in the Kunstgiesserei’s 3D studio since 2017.

Anita Mamuzic - Head of Personnel Administration

Anita completed an apprenticeship as a commercial assistant at the Stickerei Forster Rohner in St.Gallen. She later received additional training as a consultant for social insurance and subsequently became the head of financial and payroll accounting at the Stiftung Suchthilfe. She has been responsible for questions relating to payroll accounting as well as for all matters connected with personnel administration at the Kunstgiesserei since May 2017.

Michael Hirt - Employee in the Metal Workshop

has been an employee of the Kunstgiesserei since November 2017. As a trained plant and component builder, his in-depth specialist knowledge is in demand not only in the metal workshop, but also in other areas of the foundry operations.

Mara Meerwein - Employee in the Digital Workshop

studied architecture at the Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio and at the UAL in Lisbon. In 2011, she completed a half-year internship in the wax workshop of the Kunstgiesserei. Since receiving her masters degree in Mendrisio in the summer of 2017, she now once again works for the Kunstgiesserei, where she works primarily in the digital workshop.

Nadine Agosti - Project Administration

is a trained typeface and advertising designer. After working for many years in TV broadcasting and postproduction in Switzerland and abroad as well as managing projects at an agency for communication and design, she came to the Kunstgiesserei at the beginning of 2018. She supports the project management in project administration as a whole.

Séverin Bühler - Auxiliary Assistant to the Business Management

has been Felix Lehner’s auxiliary assistant since January 2018. As a student at the Interstaatliche Maturitätsschule für Erwachsene (ISME), he completed his secondary school Matura on the so-called second educational route. He supports Felix Lehner wherever his nimble thinking and deft hands are required. 

Moritz Holenweger - Employee in the Milling Center

has been working at the Kunstgiesserei since the beginning of 2018. As a trained poly-mechanic with extensive expertise, he is responsible for milling work.

Oliver Felix – Employee in the painting workshop

Oliver Felix joined the Kunstgiesserei in March 2018. Oliver is a trained painter and color designer. He also has specialist knowledge in gilding, marbling, various spraying and filling techniques as well as restoration and preservation of monuments. Oliver works mainly in the Kunstgiesserei’s painting workshop.