BLOCH is a multidisciplinary art project that connects contemporary art and folk culture with one another and establishes a dialogue between people, traditions, and customs from various cultures.

The Bloch is based on an old carnival tradition in Appenzell in which the last spruce tree trunk of the winter is taken back and forth between two villages during a one-day-long procession and finally sold to the highest bidder and processed into shingles or furniture. Com&Com purchased the Bloch in auction in 2011 and is now taking it on a journey with stops on different continents.

The goal is to develop a new Bloch procession in each location that is based on local traditions and customs. This leads to a transformation of the original custom and its significance, and facilitates cultural exchange as well as the creation of something new. This artistic action will be accompanied by talks, symposia and further cultural and social events (exhibitions, festivals, music, games), individual artworks, short films, and a website.

Prior to the trip around the world, Com&Com created large art prints using the Bloch in the Kunstgiesserei, in which the entire tree functions as a stamp; in cooperation with Urban Stoob Kunstdruck St.Gallen. For the roughly cut surface or stamping surface of the tree trunk, a counter plate—a crate with bound quartz sand—was built and then covered with a layer of molleton. The stamping crate consists of a thick layer of foam impregnated with the printing ink. The result was accompanied by Zäuerli (Alpine yodeling) and the Bloch-Gesellschaft (society).