Palme, 2008

Aluminum, chromium steel, variable dimensions (ca. 300 cm high)

The Washingtonia Robusta palms that are typical for Los Angeles as a result of their presence in the center, in the suburbs, and along the highway, draw a second horizon in the urban space. David Zink-Yi transported this urban experience into interior space by reducing the size of these palms and having them recast in aluminum. For this, the bark was in part directly molded and converted into a plaster positive. This was digitalized and reduced in size by a factor of 10. Individual parts such as the sepals or the inflorescences were created sculpturally. The palm fronds are made of chromium-nickel steel sheeting chamfered by hand. This work was created in close collaboration with the artist and his assistant Miguel, who did the majority of the development work while staying in the Studio House.