Born 1949 in Budapest, lives in Beinwil am See (CH)
Literature at the Art Library Sitterwerk

Realization of a stage set:
Black Rider, 2001

Diverse, 500 × 700 × 40 cm

“Black Rider”, which is based on a text by William Burroughs, was performed under the direction of Dodó Deér in the Leonhardskirche in St.Gallen in August 2001. The ornamentation of the church, which was “cleaned” in the 1920s, was partially exposed. A fragment of the ornate wood panels served as the model for the oversized proscenium arch, which was reproduced in rusty steel sheeting. In the course of the theater piece, the approximately ten-meter-high stage of steel sheeting folded down and fell to the floor braked by means of an ingenious counterpoise.