Röhre, 2012

polyurethane, large pipes ø 75 cm, height 50–90 cm, small pipes ø 32 cm,
height 32–37 cm

From the very beginning, Peter Fischli and David Weiss devoted themselves with great attentiveness to the “simple” things of everyday life and their diversity. The first works based on sewer pipes were already created in the early 1980s. In contrast to that time, the pipes produced most recently are straight and not bent.

The original models were clay pipes modeled by the artists, which the Kunstgiesserei molded with sophisticated silicon negatives. These volumes were filled with black polyurethane. By means of various specified filling levels, it was possible to create various sculptures using the same negative.

In addition to the pipes, the Kunstgiesserei also cast a series of walls and corners from polyurethane for the artists.