Snowman, 2016

Copper sheet, embossed, tin-coated, aluminium, glass, refrigeration engineering
approx. 210 × 160 × 160 cm

For an art project at the Römerbrücke heating and power plant in Saarbrücken in 1990, Fischli/Weiss installed a snowman molded from snow, which was exhibited in a glass-walled freezer in the gatehouse.

In 2016, the snowman along with its freezer were recreated in such a way that it can literally travel around the world. From the 1:1 model including the layer of snow that Peter Fischli created, ultimately, only the snowman was supposed to be molded and the layer of ice was supposed to develop from real ice. At the Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen, based on the model, the snowman was chased in copper, since this metal is resistant to heat and cold. So that the reddish color under the layer of snow does not shine through from, a liquid tin paste was soldered onto the copper. The snowman and the freezer constructed of aluminum were equipped with refrigeration technology and tests were conducted over several weeks to find the optimal, uniform development of the ice layer. Since the sculpture has to be able, if possible, to withstand all weather conditions, it was also occasionally tested outside as well as under heat lamps.

The Snowman is freezing on the rooftop of the Art Institute of Chicago from April to October 2017.