Born 1964, lives and works in St. Gallen

Boye, 2003

Epoxy resin glass fiber, car lacquer, 210 cm diameter, height 98 cm

“The Boye is located in the Mannenweiher (Men’s Pond), one of the Drei Weihern, St.Gallen’s most popular local recreation area. Firmly anchored, at peace in itself, propelled to gentle pirouettes merely by the wind, from a distance it resembles an over-sized water lily, pink and baroque – and is, nevertheless, an artificial body. When bathers near it, a transformation takes place, with decreased distance, the Boye takes on increasingly anthropomorphous forms. Then those swimming swing themselves up on it. As if sitting on a rocking life buoy and clinging on to it, now its curves and concavities become palpable, its smooth surface nestles against human skin. Now the Boye turns out to be a ring of intertwined male torsos – buttocks flowing into one another in appropriate surroundings: the men’s pond. The Boye thus invites a haptic as well as intellectual dialogue between nearness and distance, provoking observation and conquest.”

Markus Wehrli