Born 1949 in Savognin (CH), lives in Chur
Literature at the Art Library Sitterwerk

Chur Cathedral, 2005–2008

Bronze, 32 rods, each 174–279 cm long

Within the framework of three stages of renovation work on the cathedral in Chur, the Bündner architect and sculptor Gioni Signorell designed multiple new elements. Beyond the pulpit, candle stands, and baptismal font, the partition to the crypt, which was newly created out of rough, filigree bronze steles, is the largest intervention. The bars were modelled based on a 70-centimeter-large model, and cast. The freestanding, bronze bars are set in the lime mortal floor in receptacles and do not touch the historical ceiling vault. The two wings of the door can be opened up to 180 degrees so that the bent rods overlap in a subtle mesh. A great concern for the architect was to only implement measures in places where the old building substance would not be disturbed.