Born 1973 in Glarus (CH), lives in Bern

Special Commission:
Expo-Pavilon Signalschmerz, 2002

steel band, 25 × 25 × 12 m

As part of the Expo.02 in Yverdon (CHE), the Büro Les Ateliers du Nord designed a pavilion for the Schweizer Bundesamt für Unfallverhütung  (Swiss Authority for the Prevention of Accidents) from 80 kilometers of coiled steel band. Various difficulties were presented by the construction of the pavilion. Solutions had to be found, for example, for the overloading of the structure by the weight of the steel bands, and for applying corrosion inhibitor to them. The Kunstgiesserei assisted in the final phase of the realization of the project and developed, for example, a method for the wax-conservation of the coiled steel band in a vacuum-tank.