Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1974, the artist works in a wide array of materials and media from her base, also in Dublin. «Her work is conceived as a means of acting of making a new thing in the form of images, texts and objects that have no overt message», but are more an inquiry into the fundamental question of how the world is made meaningful.

Loop Sculpture, 2016

Stainless-steel tube, painted, diameter 63 mm, 2919.5 (l) x 1650 (w) x 5000 (h) mm
Corten-steel plinth, 2113 (l) x 1312 (w) x 287/737 (h) mm  

For a commission of a work by Isabel Nolan for Deacon House in Wuxi, the artist collaborated with us to realize a spiral shaped sculpture as an outdoor installation. Initially she provided drawings of the object, and specifically requested 63mm diameter stainless-steel tube was shaped at our Kunstgiesserei workshop in Shanghai to form the six looped shape. Considering how the loops would look in natural light, the artist decided on the RAL color black red, this paint was applied by brush. The base of the loop, a Corten-steel plinth was fabricated by welding different sizes of 5mm-steel-plates together, with a lot of inner construction to add stability and strength to the plinth. After grinding and sanding, the plinth was placed outdoors allowing a rust-patina to form naturally. The connection solution between the loop and the base was an invisible screwed solution, this was to avoid welding marks, and increased ease of installation. The monumental yet intimate sculpture was then installed with the plinth lowered into cast concrete foundation at the site in Wuxi.