Andres Lutz, born 1968 in Wettingen (CH), and
Anders Guggisberg, born 1966 in Biel (CH), live and work in Zurich
Literature at the Art Library Sitterwerk 

“Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg work very seriously on refined, useless, but vital products with the earnestness of children rerouting a small stream,” Pipilotti Rist said about the artist friends.

Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg are active in nearly all fields of art: sculpture, installation, painting and video, performance-theater, and music. The undaunted tinkering and combining of objects into ever new, apparently absurd manifestations seems to come from the compulsion to liberate the objects from the straight-jacket of unambiguous ascription for the freedom of chaos.

With Ferroberto and Golem, Lutz & Guggisberg have created their first metal sculptures. The figures, which are reminiscent of futuristic sculptures or fantasy toys, were modeled in wax and molded with silicon.