Ohne Titel, Nach Man Ray, 2005

Iron, 53 × 28x 26 cm

Raetz creates objects and spatial stagings with great precision and often over long periods of time. The documentary film Markus Raetz by the Swiss filmmaker Iwan Schumacher provides insight into the artist’s creative process. The camera accompanied the creation of the work Ohne Titel: Nach Man Ray over two and a half years.

At first glance, this work consists of two barrel- or vase-shaped objects, which are synchronously connected by gear wheels in the plinth. What is essential is played out between the objects: the contours of a nude woman alternating dancingly from standing leg to free leg along with the rotating movement are created in the negative space. As a result of the weight of the barrels, the movement only slowly comes to a stop.

Markus Raetz first constructed, cut, and filed the objects as a model made with plates. This first model was molded in silicon and cast in pure gypsum plaster. The artist then worked on the plaster model exhaustively, which was then cast in iron by the Kunstgiesserei. The Kunstgiesserei produced three copies and one artist’s proof.