Work No. 1554 (and Work No.1903), 2013

Aluminum, UV digital print

A stack of small cardboard boxes, the corners already somewhat dented, the color partially faded or rubbed off, glue at some points, at others small cracks in the cardboard—marked by function and use. Four boxes have been translated one-to-one into aluminum for Martin Creed’s “Work No. 1554” and given corresponding lacquer and painting. The biggest challenge in doing so was reproducing the small irregularities of the industrially produced, but used packages true to the originals. The packages including their inscriptions, markings, and labels were scanned and processed in such a way that it was possible to print individual layers. 

For the casting, a silicon negative was produced from the cardboard boxes. An aluminum casting was created in the lost wax process. Then followed the elaborate printing process. The printings were also corrected with a brush and signs of use such as cracks were painted on.