Born in Innsbruck in 1957; lives and works in Innsbruck and Düsseldorf.


Martin Gostner works in the fields of installation, film, painting, and photography. He also teaches at the Kunstakademie (Art Academy) Düsseldorf.


Der Erker der Blauen Pferde (installation Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin), 2012

Bioresin, edition of four heaps, size variable

The background of the horse dung cast in blue synthetic material is the disappearance of the painting The Tower of Blue Horses, which was created by Franz Marc in 1913. It was acquired by the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin in 1919 and confiscated by the Nazis in 1937. Since then, the image has been presumed lost.

For the production of the heaps of horse dung from synthetic material, originals were obtained from a nearby equestrian farm. These originals were in molded in silicon. The special challenge in the synthetic material casting that followed was to achieve the right color pigmentation, since the blue was supposed to match the shade of blue that Franz Marc used in his painting at that time as exactly as possible.

The four synthetic material castings of the different heaps of horse dung were positioned on the flagstones in front of and next to the Nationalgalerie in Berlin as a temporary installation.