Four Wall Objects, 2010

Plaster, 750 × 310 × 3 cm

In the new building by Tobler Litscher Architekten for the Fachhochschule für medizinische Berufe (university for medical professions) in Altstätten, Pascal Danz in collaboration with the Kunstgiesserei produced a four-part art-in-architecture work. The layout of the stairwell, which changes over the floors, was taken up by the artist, who used the form for color-flocked plaster reliefs, which he placed on the walls of each individual story. The respective plaster panels highlight the textures of the raw concrete floor and are 3 centimeters thick. Short-cropped polyamide fibres are described as a flock. In electro-static flocking, these millions of fibers are applied to the plaster panels, which are primed with color and coated with adhesive, in an electrical field. When doing so, the induction lines ensure that all the fibers are oriented perpendicularly and thus create an even textile surface.