Born in Hong Kong in 1973, lives and works in NY.
As a video and installation artist, draftsman and painter, Paul Chan runs his own e-book publishing house and also works as an author and lecturer.

Tablet 3, 2014

Stone, moss, engraving
Lying stone 295 × 151 × 9 cm, standing stone 233 × 146 × 9 cm

His work “Tablet” plays with the idea of a “stone book,” combined with contemporary typography. The stones selected were put together to form one lying and one standing panel. The inner, irregular edges at which the stones meet were water-blasted. In addition, profiles were milled by means of CNC. On the surface of the lying gray and standing white stone, the contemporary typography with many tricky and refined special characters were sand-blasted in quite deep. 

The moss covering the stones has grown on the stones themselves and is not applied or glued on. Only a short time was available for the moss to grow. For this reason, the first preliminary tests were already performed a year in advance. A container for researching the optimal conditions for the growth of moss was erected specifically for this work. The experiment was a success. At the beginning of the exhibition, thick moss with more moss continuing to sprout in colors varying from light to dark green was growing on the stones as desired.