Apple Tree Boy Apple Tree Girl, 2010

Aluminum, each 500 × 180 × 120 cm
Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth

Just as Paul McCarthy repeatedly uses Disney’s ideal, animated cartoon world as an embodiment of petit-bourgeois conformity and puritanical prudery in the United States as a basis for his work, Hummel figurines symbolizing country idyll also appear in a number of his works. The porcelain figurines, which were already being produced in Germany in 1935, are popular above all in the United States and have numerous collectors there. 

For this work, a boy sitting under an apple tree and a girl from the range of Hummel figurines were scanned and enlarged many times. The milled individual pieces were put together with building foam and then modeled in clay again. In doing so, the traces of the process-based work and the provisional assembling were supposed to be retained. The works were later cast in aluminum at our location in Shanghai and the surfaces then sandblasted and waxed. From China, the two works went directly to Los Angeles to be exhibited at L&M Arts in 2011.