Reality Hacking no. 206, 2003/2004

Bronze, 110 × 260 × 400 cm and two groups of 3 stones each (height: 100, 33, 66 cm)

Hagenbuchrain, Zurich. A group of bronze castings of halved stones that Peter Regli installed in the new residential estate of Hagenbuchrain in Zurich seems to be dug into the earth. Six of the stones come from the Gotthard Massif. The artist selected them with great care and had them transported to the valley by helicopter. The longest of them, at four meters, which looks different as a result of its soft surface, comes from Valle Maggia in Ticino. Employees of the Kunstgiesserei molded this stone on site in the riverbed.

The group was also shown in the exhibition In den Alpen 2007 in the Kunsthaus Zürich.