La déraison, 2014

Artificial stone casting, heating system, 250 × 120 × 75 cm

The model for Pierre Huyghe’s La déraison, originally part of a large standing group of figures, is a fragment of a monument to the french colonies. The female body is located in the Jardin d’agronomie tropicale in the Park Bois de Vincennes in Paris, today lying separated from the group, without a head, and overgrown with moss. The Kunstgiesserei cleaned the sandstone model and took the negative directly on site. Based on the negative, it was possible to produce a hollow artificial stone casting in St.Gallen. This was then given an internal heating system in order to bring La déraison up to body temperature. The artificial stone casting was then also covered with moss. As a result of the recreated patina, the moss growth, and the standing puddles of water in the concavities, the naked body becomes a topography; for Pierre Huyghe, a welcome, playful allegory between life and landscape.