Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt), 2011–2012

145 × 45 x 75 cm (figure), 145 × 55 × 30 cm (plinth), concrete casting, beehive dimensions variable

For his contribution to Documenta 13, the Kunstgiesserei cast the Liegende (reclining figure) by Max Reinhold Weber (1897–1982) in concrete. This figure was one of the element in Pierre Huyghe’s work and was positioned on a secluded piece of fallow land that he developed in the Karlsaue in Kassel surrounded by overgrown compost heaps, stacks of flagstones, and specially selected plants from which it is possible to obtain the most varied of drugs. In order to intensify the symbiosis of things that change (compost, plants, animals) and things that do not change (stone female nude), the artist installed a beehive on the head of the statue in cooperation with the Kunstgiesserei and a beekeeper. To achieve this, a heating system was used to bring the dead concrete to body temperature. The bees had already entirely covered the head of the reclining figure by the beginning of the Documenta exhibition.