Fingerregen, 2001

Bronze, diverse formats

Roland Herzog had six pairs of lower arms of different people molded, including a child, an older woman and a pianist. There is a hole in each of the fingers from which water continuously drips. The artist had them stick out of the wall of a cabin that stands on the shore of Lake Morat. The steel-clad cabin has a rounded roof. An oval cover made of bronze is set into the middle of the space as a direct drain. At this golden ellipse, the trickles that drip from the hands meet and fall gurgling into the lake. The openwork cover is decorated with an arabesque pattern. This star ornament refers to the sky above, which is visible in the open, lengthwise cut in the vault of the ceiling. The “Segen” (blessing) cabin at the “Un ange passé” on the shore of Lake Morat was a project of the Swiss churches at Expo.02.