Born 1949 in Niedergösgen (CH), lives in Ennetbaden
Literature at the Art Library Sitterwerk 

Rolf Winnewisser is one of the pioneers of Swiss Postmodernism. He links elements from graphic design and illustration, language, object art and installation, painting and film, and in doing so has been plumbing the range of pictorial codes since the 1970s and 80s.

Poincaré, 2002/2008

Plaster, 18 × 12 × 35 cm

The French mathematician Poincaré made a conjecture about the characteristic of space in 1904—a mathematical question of the century, which it was first possible to provide a formal proof in 2004. According to the legend, the conjecture came to him while boarding a tram.

Winnewisser’s sculpture Poincaré can be considered as a monument to the randomness of a moment of epiphany. The original from 2002 is modeled in clay over a wooden rod. Based on a silicon negative, a plaster casting was produced in 2008 with an identical inner construction and the clay colored ocher accordingly. Within the framework of the large retrospective split horizon in 2008 in the Kunsthaus Aarau, an edition of Poincaré numbering ten pieces was produced.