The Example, 2008

Concrete, radius 100 cm, height 310 cm

For Nashat’s exhibition The Example (Das Beispiel) in the Espace d’Arts contemporains in Geneva, the video Kegel (cone) was made in the Kunstgiesserei, and follows the production of 2.9-meter-high concrete cone by our employees Philipp Bachmann and David Andermatt. In it, the tip never comes into view; it was only possible to see the complete cone in the exhibition.

The form of the cone came to the artist during the reading of Thomas Bernhard’s book Correction, from which one of the protagonists, Adriano, continually quotes at the end of the video: “We're always set toward that predetermined moment. When that moment has come, we don't know that it has come, but it is the right moment. We can exist at the highest degree of intensity as long as we live. The end is no process. Clearing.”

Text for the exhibition