Lomax was born in Lancashire (UK) and is a British painter and sculptor. He worked as a mechanical engineer for ten years, before fulfilling his boyhood dream by pursuing a career in fine art. His current preoccupation is 3D-printed polychromatic sculptures, digital paintings and bronze sculptures. His artwork is held by British and overseas private collections.  


Red Raphael, 2016 / Yellow Flocked Raphael, 2016

3D Print (PMMA), 27.6 × 45.1 × 19.1cm / 3D Print (PMMA), flocked, 44.7 × 23.8 × 24.1cm

Tom Lomax's vibrant 3D printed sculptures demonstrate state-of-the-art technologies and push the boundaries of modern printmaking.

The Kunstgiesserei directly printed the data of both artwork and infiltrated the pieces afterwards. At last the extremely fragile work was packed and sent to London safely. Both sculptures were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.