Untitled (Big Clay #3), 2008–2011

aluminum casting with an inner chromium steel framework, 1030 cm high

The oversized transformation of a 5 cm high lump of clay into an approximately 10-meter-high aluminum sculpture required the newest technology as well as extremely generous spatial condition. By means of computer tomography, the smallest details such as the grooves of the fingerprints on the model were thus captured in such a way that a huge, 5-axle milling machine was able to reproduce the over 100-fold enlargement in styrofoam with accuracy in every detail. In the partner foundry in China, the 48 model parts of the sculpture were cast in a special corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. For this, a smelting oven produced especially for this allow was used. The stability of the sculpture required a complex inner structure made of chromium steel. For the transport in ship containers, the Big Clay was then divided into ten pieces based on a pattern designed by Urs Fischer. Big Clay was assembled near New York (Connecticut) at the end of 2011. 

With this, a huge sculpture for the exterior space was created over many months from an original model that had been molded within seconds; an oversized, temporal and material transformation.