Die Sprache spielt Zeit oder Fabelhaft war der Apfelsaft, 2014

Pile of apples made of aluminum / 3 half, 2 three-quarters, and 2 quarter mountains of apples as well as 300 individual apples, partly in groups

With “Die Sprache spielt Zeit oder Fabelhaft war der Apfelsaft” (The Language Plays Time or Scrumptious Was the Apple Juice), Yves Netzhammer won the art competition for the design of the site of the former Obstverwertungsgesellschaft Affoltern (OVA, fruit utilization company). The work visualizes the huge amount of apples processed in the fruit pressing plant. With the mountains of apples of different sizes, the artist, who was born in Affoltern, traces the original OVA buildings through cutting them into surfaces recreating impressions of the former façades of the plant buildings. Individual apples and small groups of apples are distributed all the way into the village.

The façade surfaces were digitally recreated based on drawings by Yves Netzhammer. Based on the data, wooden models were milled for subsequent use as casting models. The basic conical shape of the mountains was produced in Styrofoam. This served as a basis for the wax apple layer, to which real apples were in turn attached for the direct burn out. The Styrofoam mountain assembled in this way was divided into segments and cast in a fireclay mass. The organic materials were melted out in the oven, creating the hollow space for the later aluminum sculpture. The aluminum was cast directly in the fireclay form. Afterward, the individual segments were put together with the conical section surfaces (façade elements).