Zeitimporte, 2014

9 concrete objects (of concrete), art-in-architecture project, Grünmatt housing development of the FGZ, Zurich

A roof gutter, a suitcase, a door, a shoe, or a window: Prior to the demolition of the old Grünmatt communal housing development, fragments and relics were collected. They reappear in Yves Netzhammer’s art-in-architecture project Zeitimporte (Time Imports) at various spots in the newly constructed Grünmatt housing development. 

For this work, models were created from some of the found objects and architectural elements, while others of the original objects were prepared so that silicon negatives could be created from them. These were then cast in concrete. In creating the castings, the Kunstgiesserei used the same concrete from which the exposed concrete façades of the housing development are made. 

The transformed elements were mounted in the nine passageways between the rows of houses in the Grünmatt development and also function as a visual orientation system.