With simultaneous 5-axis milling it is possible to produce the contours of complicated 3D shapes mechanically—by means of a milling head that can be pivoted in five degrees of freedom. Material is removed from the work piece in many small adjacent rows.

5-axis milling also facilitates the production of Freeform surfaces in large dimensions with the greatest surface quality and precision of form. Even complex parts can often be machined in one piece without further turning. In this case, mostly materials such as expanded polystyrene, Ureol and polyurethane foam, wood, and aluminum are used.

At the Kunstgiesserei, a team of model-makers and poly-mechanics are responsible for a fast, precise 5-axis CNC portal milling machine with cubic machining dimensions of 2.5 × 1.5 × 1.2 meters (from the manufacturer CMS) and a 5-axis CNC portal milling machine with machining dimensions of 10 × 4 × 2.7 meters (from the manufacturer EEW). Europe-wide, the latter is the only machine of its type used exclusively in the field of art. The scanned and/or digitally edited 3D data is programmed using CAM in machine-readable coordinates. In the case of complex geometries, extreme concavities, or dimensions over ten meters, it is possible to model with Freeform. The milling production based on digital data of a many-meter-large sculpture can take a few weeks. In our milling center there are three programming stations for creating the milling path of all the machines. 

Milling materials: e.g. Styrofoam, PU foams, furan sand, wood, aluminum
Data transfer: .stl; .step; .iges; .dxf; .dwg; .wml  
Layout and side view of our 5-axis milling machine