Vanessa, 2012

Enchased chromium steel, 510 × 120 × 80 cm

Alex Hanimann designed this sculpture as an art-in-architecture project for a secondary school in Heerbrugg. It is currently installed temporarily on Steinfelsplatz in Zurich within the framework of “art & and the city”.

A female student in the senior grades at the secondary school in Heerbrugg was selected in a casting process; she was supposed to be “average” and “prototypical” in appearance, her carriage very much that of a teenager of today, and in grace and charisma as self-assured as contemplatively distanced.

A 3D scan was produced of the student Vanessa, which was then scaled up, therefore enlarged proportionally, and cuted from Styrofoam using our 5-axis CNC portal milling machine. At our location in Shanghai, the model was then hammered in chromium steel sheet by a specialized workshop, piece by piece, and then welded together again and polished to a high gloss. For Alex Hanimann, this anonymized process is crucial since he is not interested in the subjective expression of a classical sculpture.