Born in Oberdiessbach in 1974, lives and works in St.Gallen.

Kiss for Bruce (Fountain, Spitting Woman), 2013


A drinking fountain as a gift to the City of St.Gallen: On the occasion of its 100-year anniversary, the St.Gallen company Kreis Wasser donated a fountain to the city. The artist Andrea Vogel designed a drinking fountain in the form of a life-sized woman, for which she herself was the model. A mold of her unclothed body was made and a wax model then created. Shoes, hair, and clothing were applied to it and parts such as the skirt and coat were also stiffened. A silicone negative mold and subsequently a wax positive for the lost wax process were then created from it. In the wax, the mouth was adapted to dispense water optimally. The bronze figure stands on a steel base with supply pipes and is sunk into the ground in such a way that the figure appears to stand with both feet on the cobblestone pavement. When the fountain was installed, the water pipes to the feet of the sculpture were connected with the municipal water supply network. The fountain sculpture has a sensor in the pleat of the skirt so that it dispenses water as soon as a person approaches.