The Bacchusbrunnen, 1897/2003,

galvanoplastic sculpture, copper, 65 × 48 × 124 cm, plinth 40 × 40 cm

The figure in the fountain is, similar to the Broderbrunnen figures, a galvanoplastic sculpture. Prior to restoration, it displayed signs of damage typical to the material: the iron armature in the plaster core was “growing” because of corrosion and was bursting the figure from the inside. Bacchus already had a large crack on one calf.

In the Kunstgiesserei, the plaster core was removed from the leg affected and the thin layer of electroplating was exposed. The crack was closed with soft solder and the iron armature was treated to protect it against corrosion. Afterwards, the sculpture was filled again with a special plaster-colophony mixture in order to achieve the greatest similarity in materials possible to that of the colophony impregnated original core.

Two years after the restoration had been completed, the figure was again seriously damaged, this time by vandalism. A fall into a show window tore the head halfway off and the whole figure was badly squashed. There were cracks, dents, and scratches, as well as ruptures in the core, and it became clear that the damage was irreversible and could not be completely remedied by means of renewed restoration work. Despite these conditions, it was possible to mount the figure again at its original location.