MOCMOC, 2003–2006

As the result of a competition for art in the built environment, the town of Romanshorn on Lake Constance entrusted the artist duo Com&Com with creating a design for the Bahnhofplatz. In the search for an appropriate solution, research on the history of Romanshorn led to surprising results. With the help of scientists, they discovered evidence of the “MOCMOC”, whose twisted horn is immortalized on the town’s coat of arms. An interpretation of the heraldic animal they rediscovered was then supposed to be installed on the Bahnhofplatz as a large-scale sculpture. 

The model of the MOCMOC was produced in rapid prototyping based on a computer-generated design. In the stereo-lithography technique, the data for the 3D construction is transferred by laser to liquid resin, which solidifies in layers during the process. When complete, the figure is removed from the resin bath. Using this technique, a 1:10 scale model was produced. In order to create the large-scale sculpture, the information from the resin layers was used to cut Styrofoam plates with water jets. The plates were then glued to an internal skeleton and then covered with plaster using the conventional method. The end result is a reproduction of the 2.6-meter-large model in colored epoxy resin.

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