Born 1955 in Fribourg (CH), lives in Zurich and New York
Literature at the Art Library Sitterwerk

Le Grand Rhume, 2004,

synthetic material, 200 × 180 × 150 cm

Based on a Photoshop sketch of a realistically depicted dripping nose, a true to scale miniature layer model was produced in clay. This method made it possible in the next step to enlarge both the external contours as well as the interior of the nose to a size of up to 2.5 meters with absolute accuracy by means of projection. For the drip mechanism, a melting vessel with a pipe system filled with odourless and stable industrial margarine was installed. In the exhibition in FRAC in Marseille, the nose broke penetrated the wooden truss in the staged attic room. As a result of the dripping, the intended stalactites formed on the nose and stalagmites on the carpet.