Born in Dagnente (I) in 1885, died in Zurich in 1943

Frog Fountain, 2017/1933

Bronze replica, 2017, from the original of 1933

In 1933, the artist and sculptor Salvatore Francesco Romerio created the Fröschen-Brunnen (Frog Fountain), a symbol of the inhabitants of Altstetten, who were called “Frösche” (frogs) in common parlance, on behalf of by the municipal council of Altstetten. In 2014, the bronze figure was stolen from the fountain, thus leaving behind a huge gap. The Kunstgiesserei St.Gallen was commissioned to produce a replica that was as true as possible to the original. The frog was modeled based on photos, cast in bronze, and patinated. In June 2017, the sculpture was festively inaugurated at its original location in the Alstetten quarter of Zurich.