Born 1949 in Erlenbach in the Simmental (CH), lives in Maules (CH)
Literature at the Art Library Sitterwerk
About Hans-Ulrich Theilkäs

Standortstein, 2003

Bronze, 240 × 120 × 55 cm

Casting the Standortstein in bronze himself was, according to Theilkäs, meant to bring an end to his years long engagement with the Schafberg (Canton Graubünden).

Over three days, the negative form of a gneiss rocky knoll was produced on the 2,700-meter peak that towers from the earth of Samedan behind the Segantini-Hütte. The Standortstein as a bronze casting as well as further works relating to this location could be seen in August/September 2004 in the Chesa Planta in Samedan.