Born in Rapperswil in 1949, lives and works in Zurich.
The conceptual artist Ilona Ruegg works with process-oriented projects, photo series, and drawings. In her sculptural and installative work, the familiar meets the alien. Her themes are temporal structures and displacements.

Option, 2013

11 cast pewter bars, 10 different lid figures from melted down pewter tankards, each approx. 5 × 24 × 7 cm

For this work, the artist Ilona Rüegg collected old pewter tableware. The knobs and handles were removed and preserved. The vessels themselves were melted down and cast in the shape of bars. Using specially developed structures, the detached knobs and handles were partially immersed in the molten pewter and held in it while it cooled. This resulted in the creation of eight bars of pewter with handles and decorative elements positioned in the center.