Born 1970 in Geneva (CH), lives in Geneva

The work of the Geneva artist Jérôme Leuba is concerned with the complex sphere in which danger, protection, fear, and security are mutually dependent, and in which oscillating transitions flow together. With his installations, objects, videos and live choreographies, he creates a state of latent agitation, which can be interpreted as a mirror of a prevailing attitude towards life.

Battlefield # 32 / Cagoule, 2007

Polyurethane resin, 15 × 20 × 35 cm

A fine-meshed stocking mask pulled over a head made of Styrofoam was sprinkled with a wax releasing agent and molded with silicon. A plaster cast of it served as the model for molding with a layer of wax, since the sculpture was only supposed to be a mesh structure inside and have a smooth surface outside. In a second silicon negative, a casting with Crystal-Clear, a transparent polyurethane resin, was then created over this plaster model. After the surface was cleaned and sealed, the casting was clear as glass.