Born 1975 in Mexico City, lives and works in Berlin.
Literature in the Art Library Sitterwerk

The Mexican artist Mariana Castillo Deball experiments in her work with a very wide range of materials and forms of expression. In her works she makes references to mathematics and philosophy as well as to Mexican folk art and archeology, fairytales and myths.

Uncomfortable Objects, 2012

Stucco marble on steel construction, 700 × 260 × 8 cm

The curved stucco marble wall created for the dOCUMENTA 13 is based on a formula of the mathematician Felix Klein (1849–1925) and is part of Castillo Deball’s series of “Uncomfortable Objects”.

Stucco marble—an imitation of real marble—is a technique from the Baroque churches of the 17th century that the artist has taken up in her work. In stucco marble (Scagliola), a plaster compound is mixed with glue and various colors of pigment. The colored mass is kneaded and twisted to achieve a marble-like character. In her variant, the artist also integrated additional materials such as stones, shells, fabric, glass, wood, clay, as well as shattered bric-a-brac, copies of archeological artifacts and tools into the compound. Several frames were filled with the compound, reinforced with an inner mesh, which dried and later assembled to form the curved wall. On one side of the wall, the stucco marble forms an uneven, matte structure, while the surface is completely smooth on the other.