Markus Wetzel, born 1963 in Schaffhausen (CH), and
Markus Weiss, born 1963 in Zurich, live in Zurich and New York

Art in Architecture:
Kantonsschule Kreuzlingen, 2000

Aluminum, life-size/variable dimensions

The artists Markus Wetzel and Markus Weiss participated as the duo M&M in the art-in-architecture competition for the Kreuzlingen Canton School (CHE). Their concept included a variable element, changing, digitally produced ‘wallpaper’ by means of which the appearance of the building is altered. To form contrast to it, a body molding of the two artists in dialogue was meant to form static element. 

After consultation with the Kunstgiesserei, the artists decided on molds created from a full body 3-D scan. The molds were produced in rapid prototyping in Los Angeles (USA). The lightweight polyurethane resin was coated with a synthetic material and given a chrome lacquer. This model proved to be too susceptible to damage and was replaced with a version made of a more resistant synthetic material the next year. The Kunstgiesserei produced the molds in a synthetic material, and later also produced an additional version in polished aluminum.