Handshakes, 2013

Concrete casting, diverse dimensions

Two people shake hands; between the two hands is a lump of soft material. The handshake shapes it—creating a negative mold of the handshake. From this mold, Pascal Danz developed an art-in-architecture project for the dementia section of the APZ retirement home in Amrisiwil. The original molds were scanned three-dimensionally and enlarged so that their size in the end corresponds to the age of the particular person with dementia: 85 years old = 85 cm—the older the bigger. Based on these data, Styrofoam molds for use as a negative casting molds were milled. The castings were then executed in cast stone with various colors and material structures. This gave each of the handshake molds its own individual expression. Also reproduced on the enlarged stone castings are the skin structure and lifelines of the respective individual. The castings have been installed outdoors and receive their patina as a result of the weather.