Born in Biel in 1978, lives and works in Zurich and London.
The Swiss artist is engaged in protean industrial material processes. He therefore modifies existing processes and makes them his own through new inventions.

Etched totem, 2014

Several plates (74 × 36 × 2.5 cm) of pure aluminum, copper, and zinc

Raphael Hefti visited the Kunstgiesserei again and again in order to carry out a series of experimental arrangements with macro etchings in a lively exchange with our metal expert Sebastian Rossmann. The results of this experimental, process-oriented series of tests ultimately integrated into the work Etched totem. For this series, Hefti had various plates of technically pure aluminum, copper, and zinc cast in the open casting process, and then milled over and macro-etched. Macro-etching is a metallographic examination technique in which the particular crystalline structure of metals becomes visible. The visualizing of interesting intermediate steps in production processes is a theme that frequently appears in the artist’s work.