New, 2014

Hammered stainless steel, painted
402 × 137 × 135 cm

The sculpture by Xu Zhen is based on a Chinese Guanyin representation of the revered East Asian bodhisattva, which often both male and female depiction embodies a kind of limitless transcendence. The artwork had been completely manufactured by our Shanghai branch. The artist provided a porcelain figure of the Buddhist goddess, which was 3D-scanned, proportionally enlarged, and then a model was cut from Styrofoam using a multi-axis CNC milling machine. Afterwards, this model was used as a template to hand hammer hundreds of individual stainless steel pieces into the sculptures form. These pieces were then welded together sheet by sheet, and polished. Finally, the sculpture was then painted in a graduating color scheme. The 4-meter-high rainbow colored sculpture had been produced especially for Xu Zhen’s major mid-career survey at the Ullens Center of Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing in 2014. Since 2016 the work is part of the permanent collection of Fondation Louis Vuitton.