For casting on a mineral basis, we often use the materials concrete–a cost-effective material that, depending on the product, can have a very different character and is lend itself to easy pigmentation. It is also suitable for outdoor use.

Over time, we have further developed the production of artificial stone. Artificial stone composites are mineral-bound (cement and building lime) or resin-bound substances. They have characteristics similar to those of natural stone: they can be weatherproof (frost-resistant), are individual in appearance, and form a natural patina. Through the admixture of sands, stone meal, and crushed stones, it is possible to vary weight, luster, texture, grain, and color, or to imitate existing types of stone. Artificial stone mixtures can be cast in a negative and post-processed by means of milling, chiseling, and sanding. Painting is also possible as well as the application of oils and wax.