<–  Chasing  –>

After casting, the core nails are pulled out and the casting system is removed. The pieces of the figure are welded together. During chasing, welding seams and casting errors are retouched. Nail holes are welded shut or filled with a plug made of the casting material and punched.

The surface of the casting can be altered considerably by means of abrasive blasting, brushing, punching, welding, machining work, and polishing.

In the past, when it was not possible to cast as precisely as today, the surface of a casting was completely overhauled and many details first fleshed out during chasing.

Today, as a detailed reproduction of the original work, the casting is changed as little as possible. The in part lost signature of the artist, as occurs as a result of small casting errors or the structure of the material of the original model, have to be modeled after the fact.