In cooperation with the Chang’An Art Foundry, our partner foundry in Shanghai, large-format sculptures are produced in the sand casting process.


The difference to the lost wax process is mainly the fact that a fireproof casting negative is made directly from the model. In this process, a model by an artist is molded directly in molding boxes filled with furan sand. As a result, this process does not allow for as complex surfaces with concavities as does the lost wax process. The advantage of the process lies in the improved dimensional stability of the mold geometries. Depending on the form and size of the piece to be cast, molding boxes consisting of two or more parts, or the free, core molding process. The mold is filled with molten metal by means of a gating system that is cut into the sand. In order to achieve a fine surface, fireproof slurry is applied to the sand with a brush or by spraying.